Cooling Hybrid / HYBRICOOL®

Up to 90%
Reduce water consumption

mmec mannesmann HYBRICOOL® New Cooling Technology
The hybrid cooling tower uses artificial intelligence and sensitive temperature and humidity sensors to save up to 90% water compared to the cooler system. The device’s upgraded system, called ICCW, is able to increase this saving to 100%.

HybriCool is focusing specifically on cooling and heat transfer applications along with necessary water treatment packages. We are dedicated to innovative designing along with high quality fabrication.

Our engineered solutions and products help you to save water and energy by balancing which concludes environmental care and less cost simultaneously with more comfort life.

Considering process temperature, energy efficiency, water consumption, operational safety, footprint area and plume, we find the best possible solution for you.

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mmec mannesmann HYBRICOOL® New Cooling Technology