The Construction Engineering provides the planning of all construction activities to capture impacts with regards to costs and deadlines in the full extent and to identify and to minimize potential risks as far as possible. It is an integral part of the MTP Mannesmann ( Former MMEC Mannesmann ) project execution philosophy to integrate the construction department as soon as possible in the project phase to identify construction relevant aspects. Our experienced construction team is able to take over all tasks which are necessary for the physical erection of a plant. We provide the full-service for the execution of construction activities.


  • Constructability Workshops
  • Planning of infrastructure, site equipment and temporary site facilities (TSF)
  • Planning of special activities
  • Planning of installation activities & time scheduling
  • Issuing of construction specifications
  • Planning and mobilization of man-power for construction management and supervision
  • Transport and lifting studies, definition of transport sizes (where necessary)
  • Setup & closing of construction sites
  • Construction management and construction supervision
  • Shutdown management
  • Risk analyzes
  • Safety analyzes
  • Methodstatements
  • Construction coordination
  • Monitoring of dates and costs
  • Monitoring of quality and quantity issues
  • Materialhandling
  • Monitoring and handling of changes and variations
  • Document handling and document tracking
  • Management and recording of inspections and acceptance tests (till Mechanical Completion)