Realizing your pro core value and absolute commitment. jects efficiently, economically and safely.

The health and safety of our employees and those affected by our operations and the protection of our environment are not just a priority for us. They are a Realizing your pro core value and absolute commitment.

QHSE-S is taken into consideration by our teams right from the start, covering the whole life cycle of the projects from feasibility study all the way through to decommissioning, demolition and recycling .

As for all our services, our QHSE-S specialists are where you want us to be, providing a non-stop service to address all your needs in quality, health, safety, environment and regulatory requirements.
Ensuring a lean and efficient execution of your project applying state of the art quality standards and methods is key to our success and enables us to minimize costs, optimize the reliability, availability and maintainability of your assets


Quality services:
• Project and site quality assurance and quality control
• Reliability and maintainability studies
• Supplier and subcontractor pre-qualification
• Audits
• Inspection services
• Cold eye reviews
• … (To be completed)

Health & Safety:
• Project and site HSE-S Management
• Health and Safety Coordination
• Functional Safety Management
• Cold eye / project reviews
• HSE Leadership Programs
• HazId Studies
• HazOp Studies
• SIL and LOPA Assessments
• … (To be completed)

• EIA – Environmental Impact Assessment
• EnvId Studies
Risk Management:
• General Project Risk Management
• Job Safety Assessments
• ALARP Demonstrations
• Emergency Planning
Security services:
• Risk Assessment
• Emergency Planning