mmec mannesmann ROTAFAST® Proprietary Coke Cooler Technology

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Leader in petroleum coke calcining

MTP Mannesmann ( Former MMEC Mannesmann ) ROTAFAST® Proprietary Coke Cooler Technology

We are a well-established contractor and licensor in the field of petroleum coke calcining. The applied technologies comprising all units in those plants as kiln, afterburner, waste heat boiler, etc. We are building the most modern and largest plants in the world including our in-house developed ROTAFAST® Coke Cooling System to produce a top quality calcined coke for the aluminum industry and high-grade needle coke. Our plants are fulfilling the most stringent environmental requirements. Our 25 years lasting experience, having built plants with a combined production capacity of more than 1.5 Million Metric Tons per year, makes us a market insider and thus we are your partner in developing calcining plants.