IT-Service and IT-Security

Our IT-Service for our Quality and your Satisfaction.

We provide a secured environment ensuring hosted components integrity (computer, storage, network) and the operating services associated (monitoring, backup/restore, data traceability, maintenance…) in order to deliver IT application “as a service”. Derived from this we manage an IT applications portfolio creating value to our projects and business processes by granting a reliable IT-Security. The IT Application Portfolio supports our MTP Mannesmann ( Former MMEC Mannesmann ) segments in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC). We support our users during the evaluation of new tools, perform the installation and manage our established applications for an efficient use in our Business Projects.


  • Project Execution Systems (PES) in: 
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction
  • Project Management Systems (PMS) for: 
  • Cost Control, Estimating, Planning & Scheduling, Progress Measurement, Workload Measurement,  Contract Management
  • Business Support Functions Systems (BSFS) for:
  • Finance, HR, Communications, Legal, Market & Prospects, Security, QHSE, Risk/Internal Control/Audit 
  • Data Management Systems (DMS) for:
  • Master Data Mgmt., Material Mgmt, Document & Content Mgmt


  • Provide an environment based on standard IT technical solution to be used as a various contextual platform (production, release, qualification or development, training,…) as well as the operating services associated.
  • Provide a reliable, optimized and secured access to IT environments with adequate performance.
  • Provide dedicated storage space in the way each server sees this storage as a private or shared disk space.
  • Ensure the provision of IT capacities (Storage, CPU, memory, network bandwidth…) aligned with current needs and forecasted requirements.
  • Deliver application „as a service“ that includes managed technical administration, backup/ restore, maintenance, monitoring and support
  • Provide solutions to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for business purposes
  • Protect and secure the Information System Environment from theft or damage, as well from disruption or misdirection of the service IT provides.

Our IT-Service for our Quality and your Satisfaction.

Protect and secure the Information System Environment from theft or damage, as well from disruption or misdirection of the service IT provides. Preserving the confidentiality of MTP Mannesmann ( Former MMEC Mannesmann ) information and knowhow: the information must not be available or disclosed to unauthorized individuals or entities. Guaranteeing the integrity of information: MTP Mannesmann ( Former MMEC Mannesmann ) information must be accurate, reliable, and not modified by an unauthorized individual, entity, or process. Ensuring that the information needed by business and operational functions is accessible and usable upon request by an authorized individual, entity, or process.



• ComputerCenter: containing central IT resources to deliver IT applications “as a service”
• Physical and logical protection
• Network Infrastructure: Physical and technical communication platform for transportation of data between IT-devices
• Firewalls, VPN, Port control
• Devices: Server, PCs, mobile Devices as well as applications and data on it
• Secured Screen Saver, Antivirus Software, User Credentials, User Access Rights, Encryption (on demand), Remote wipe
• Cloud: Software as a Service (SaaS), Web solutions like ‘MS O365’, web data storage like ‘Onedrive’, web sites like ‘’, private Cloud resources like ‘Next Cloud’
• Security concepts, FW-/ Endpoint-/ Gateway solutions, Authetification and Encryption mechanisms

MTP permanently urge their users to be cautious about the IS usage and respect IT Security Policies, which are consequently based on standards (ISO, DIN, BSI, …) MTP is a certified company in ISO 9001, ISO 27001, …

MTP is able to offer IT-Security Services like Penetration tests for Plant owners & operators, define IT-Security concepts for them, improve vulnerabilities by the use of own Security Products and Solutions.