Technical Calculations

Guarantee of Flow for every pipeline

Flow Assurance is the key task for planning and design of any pipeline system. We develop powerful modern In-house program codes for steady state and transient analyses of pipelines for water, oil, gas, steam, slurries and multiphase flow transport. The hydraulic layout and design (hydraulic diameter, pump and valve design) is carried out through pressure drop calculations across the system. Additionally, all operating cases and possible incidents like water hammer effects, leakage simulation and different control concepts are discussed. Thus, a reliable flow assurance is a reasonable basis for further investigations like fluid-structure-interactions, pulsation studies, wax management and pigging operations.

Our EPC experience in the oil and gas industry, power plants and chemicals make us a good partner for you for the design of your pipeline. Contact us under the following link.


oday‘s EPC contractors deal with a variety of complex and sometimes very demanding technical issues like validate design, ensure operation or assess damage situations. Answering these questions requires the collaboration of interdisciplinary teams and solving multi-physical problems to understand the system, gather relevant data and develop applicable models.

For this reason, all available numerical tools are used to solve your problems and adapted to your task.We are specialized in the treatment of thermo-mechanical coupled problems using the Finite Element method, the execution of complex CFD calculations, the elaboration of DEM simulations and the development of customized tools based on other numerical solution methods. We look forward to solving your problems.